I am a fifth year PhD candidate in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, working with Professor Johnny Guzman. My research interests include finite element methods for fluid equations, finite element exterior calculus, and fractional differential equations. More information is available on my research page and my publications page.


  • Email: anna(underscore)lischke(at)brown(dot)edu
  • Postal Address: Brown University, Box F, Providence, RI 02912


Upcoming Activities

  • I will intern with the math libraries team at The MathWorks, Natick, MA during Summer 2019.

Recent Manuscript Submissions

New Preprints

We just submitted a new paper on exact sequences on Powell-Sabin splits (with Johnny Guzman and Michael Neilan).

Check out our preprint on boundary conditions for tempered fractional diffusion problems (with James F. Kelly and Mark M. Meerschaert).

New Version!

What Is the Fractional Laplacian? A Comparative Review with New Results
Anna Lischke, Guofei Pang, Mamikon Gulian, Fangying Song, Christian Glusa, Xiaoning Zheng, Zhiping Mao, Wei Cai, Mark M. Meerschaert, Mark Ainsworth, George Em Karniadakis, "What Is the Fractional Laplacian?" arXiv preprint, submitted 2018.